The growth of the Moore Stephens Global Network over the past 12 years has been  impressive  – from $839 million in 2003 to $2,683 million in 2015, an increase of 220% which has brought us into the Top 10 of the largest global accounting networks by fees and personnel. 
Our  growth  has  come  from  network  growth  –  new  members  firms  have  increased  our  capabilities 
and our global reach - and from the growth of our existing and ambitious member firms through their consolidation and organic growth. 
Ambitious Member Firms are providing an increasing range of services and industry niche expertise to a  broadening national  and  international  market  place.    These  firms  have  brought innovation  and entrepreneurial  skills  to their  clients  as  well  as  the  traditional  values  of  trust,  through  honesty  and integrity. The MSIL strategy seeks to build on their ambition and to help others achieve similar growth for the benefit of all.  
2015-2016 has seen the International Policy Committee of Moore Stephens International agree a new Global Strategy, supported  by  strategies  and  business  plans  for  Growth,  Communications  and Learning  &  Development.    Our objective  is  to  always  be  a  Top  10  Network;  an  innovative, entrepreneurial and collaborative growing network, which enables our member firms to profitably grow and differentiate in their local and global markets. Among other financial objectives, the network aims to increase its revenue from US$2.7 billion currently to US$4 billion by 2020, expanding by nearly 50%.
In support of the new Global Strategy, the International Policy Committee has also reviewed the MSIL governance structure.    The  implementation  of  the  strategy  and  new  governance structure  will  bring transparency and accountability to everything we do and ensure growth for member firms by working collaboratively as a ‘one brand’ Global Network.